= Look's like you are trying to connect in an unsupported way xD =
= Please see below for assistance connecting to RSAcraft =

Connecting To The Server Connecting To TeamSpeak
Open Minecraft - Click 'Play'

Click 'Multiplayer'

Click 'Add Server'

Type RSAcraft in 'Server Name'

Type play.rsacraft.co.za in 'Server Address'

Click 'Done'

You Are Now Able To Join The Server
Open TeamSpeak - Click 'Connections'

On The Top BarSelect 'Connect'

Type ts.rsacraft.co.za in 'Server Address'

Type Your Preferred Nickname in 'Nickname'

Type rsa123 in 'Server Password'

Click 'Connect'

The Server Will Now Connect And Be Saved

= Please click here to be teleported =